Office Hours for Walker Creek folks

For Walker Creek students who were unable to attend camp this spring (and anyone else on the Walker Creek email list) I’ll be holding “office hours” at two times:

  • Saturday, April 18 @ 3:00pm PDT (only holding them on Sunday due to low enrollment)
  • Sunday, April 19 @ 2:00pm PDT

During my office hours I’ll try to help as many people as possible, starting with those who have reserved a spot (below) – I’ll mostly be helping one person at a time but all are welcome to be “in the room” at once. I’m well versed in bluegrass and old-time, and can help with banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, singing, or band/jamming questions. Hoping to average 10 minutes per person, but it’ll depend on the question. I’ll help people in the order that they sign up.

Sign up

To bring some semblance of order to this informal event, please sign up here if you think you might be able to attend. If you end up not being able to make it, no biggie.

I’ll help people in the order they sign up. If you don’t email ahead of the office hours, I’ll still help you as time allows.

How to Attend

We’ll be using Zoom – it’s easy. I’ll send a link to join the call to those who sign up.

Who to Give Money To

Many Walker Creek instructors depend on income from gigs, music camps, and lessons to survive, and are in big trouble right now. Our esteemed camp director Ingrid Noyes is in a similar boat, as running Walker Creek camps is year-round job that she depends on.

I’m fortunate to have income streams that aren’t affected by COVID-19 (Strum Machine + some remote freelance clients) – and I’m actually not teaching online lessons in general at the moment – so I decided not to collect fees or donations for these office hours. Instead, I’m asking that you donate to Walker Creek Music Camp to help it (and Ingrid) stay afloat and ensure we have many more Walker Creek camps to attend in the future!

I also encourage you to support the other instructors at camp by taking online lessons from them.

If you really want to throw something my way, buy a Strum Machine subscription for yourself or a friend. 😊

Finally, if you are looking for a way to support our healthcare workers who are lacking critical supplies such as protective gear, let me give a shout-out for Flexport’s Frontline Responders Fund. $20 gets ~150 masks to first responders who are in short supply at this dangerous time. (This is the fund to which I’m donating a portion of my income from Strum Machine.)

Stay safe, my friends… and when this is all over, let’s pick.