Music Camps

I teach workshops and music camps occasionally. Contact me if you’re interested in having me as a teacher at a music camp, workshop, or even private group classes for your family/friends!

Reviews and Testimonials

A collection of anonymous comments from students at the Walker Creek Music Camp:

Luke was brilliant: awesomely helpful, approachable, and fun.

Great musician, relaxed, very helpful, and encouraging. What more could we ask for?

Brilliant, helpful, incisive comments. Pushed us to play harder and faster. Bring him back!

Luke made a comment that changed my life. I expressed my doubt about my singing ability and after I sang he said, “You’re a singer!” That will give me confidence for all eternity! [Love it when that happens. —Luke]

And from a young fiddler in one of the music camps I taught at:

Before I went to the CBA Kids’ Music Camp, where Luke was an instructor, I had no idea how to play music by ear, and I only knew a little bit about how to “jam” with a group. By the end of the camp (which was four days long), I learned three songs by ear, “Angelina Baker,” “Handsome Molly,” and “Ashokan Farewell.” Now, since Luke taught me more about “jamming,” I jam with my dad almost every day!

Luke is very patient while teaching. He starts out by showing us little parts of a song, and then builds up from that. He’s funny, encouraging, and fantastic at his music!

—Megan January (9 years old)